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Our VisionOur VisionOur Vision

Sustainability is complex. Making better choices shouldn't be. That's why Good On You and FARFETCH have come together to create Good Measures.

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Welcome to Good Measures, the sustainability hub that helps brands easily understand and improve their impacts and Good On You rating. Our vision is simple: to empower brands to make meaningful changes that matter most for people, the planet, and animals.

We know brands big and small face many challenges and questions about sustainability: Where should we start? What standards should we follow? What should we prioritise with limited resources? What's the best way forward from where we are?

Good Measures gives brands a comprehensive view of their sustainability performance bringing together leading standards, certifications systems, and the most transparent sources of public information. It's powered by Good On You's trusted rating system, which is used by millions of consumers. Through Good Measures, brands get deep insights into the sustainability issues underlying their Good On You rating and clear guidance on ways to do better.

How Good Measures helps brands do better


Easily learn how your brand performs

Understand the key sustainability issues that drive your brand's Good On You rating.


Identify high-impact areas to improve

Quickly prioritise the critical steps—tailored to your business—that will improve your brand's sustainability performance.


Demonstrate progress, connect with conscious consumers and unlock commercial benefits

Leverage your rating to show consumers your sustainability progress and increase your brand's visibility on platforms like FARFETCH.

About Good On You

Fashion's leading platform for sustainability ratings


Good On You is widely regarded as fashion' s leading and most credible platform for sustainability ratings. Today, major retailers, tech platforms, and millions of consumers rely on Good On You's ratings to compare brands' impacts on people, the planet, and animals.

Good On You's methodology is rigorous and comprehensive. The rating system brings together the most reliable sources of sustainability information and evaluates each brand on 500-plus data points. Brands are scored on publicly available information, which promotes transparency and empowers better consumer choices.

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We built Good Measures because we believe that collaboration across the fashion industry and a shared vision for sustainability standards are key to creating positive change.

To ensure that Good Measures continues to provide value to brands, we welcome feedback, thoughts or requests via [email protected]. We have ambitious plans for a cleaner, conscious, circular, and inclusive fashion industry and recognise everyone needs to be part of the solution.